Many congratulations to Julian Brazier on his knighthood, as announced in the New Year’s Honours list.  The former Defence Minister and occasional ConservativeHome contributor – see his back and forth with John Baron about army reservists – is a decent man and the award is well deserved.  Brazier also wrote for us recently about the Brexit Supreme Court case.

Elsewhere, a current Labour MP (David Causley) and a former Liberal Democrat one (Steve Webb) will also be knighted.  Vera Baird, the Northumbria Police Commissioner and ex-Labour MP, will become a dame.  Shirley Williams is to be a Companion of Honour.

David Ord, a major party donor, also receives a knighthood for political service.  Dominic Johnson, who founded Somerset Capital with Jacob Rees-Mogg (and put up David Cameron and his family after they left Downing Street) is awarded a CBE.  Darren Mott, Director of Campaigning, gains an OBE.  Alexandra Broadrick, Chief of Staff to the Party Chairman, and Louise Goodall, the Deputy Head of Fundraising, receives an MBE.



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