Some people supported Remain and some Leave, and both have views on what should happen next.  But my sense is that there’s a hunger out there, among Conservative activists and voters generally, not so much for views as for information.  When will Article 50 be moved?  Will the Commons have a role?  Will there be one set of talks – or two, or several?  What happens after two years?  And so on.

Working out what the Government, MPs, peers, the European Commission and other governments will do is as much an art as a science, especially given coming elections in France and Germany – not to mention the migration crisis.  But I can think of no more reliable guide through the Brexit maze than Christopher Howarth, who will begin a fortnightly column with us tomorrow.

Christopher was a researcher for Mark Francois when the latter was Shadow Minister for Europe, has worked for Open Europe on reform ideas, and now supports the European Research Group in Parliament – one of the most important Conservative backbench Eurosceptic organisations.  He wrote us a brilliant critique of David Cameron’s renegotiation, and this site is lucky to have him.

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James Frayne previously wrote a blog called Campaign War Room.  Half of his role for ConHome will essentially be reviving it (in writing once a week about campaigning in some form), and other half will consist of putting some flesh on the bones of Theresa May’s conservatism for “ordinary, working people” – Erdington modernisation, Aston Villa Toryism or whatever you want to calll it.

James will be writing twice a week – once on Tuesday, once on Thursday – during the mornings.  He is the director of the consultancy Public First and he is author of a book on public opinion, Meet the People. He was previously Director of Policy & Strategy at Policy Exchange, Director of Communications at the Department for Education, and a corporate communications consultant in London and New York City.

According to our left-wing friends at Powerbase, James “is reputed to be one of the best Tory-leaning media strategists in politics today. He has been described as a strategic thinker of immense insight. He does, however, prefer to keep a low profile. He has been dubbed ‘London’s best kept secret’.” We will be bringing that secret to light during the coming weeks and months.