• Amanda Sater will be Deputy Chairman.
  • Anthea McIntyre MEP will be the Vice Chairman for Training.
  • Stuart Andrew MP will be the Vice Chairman for Cities.
  • Dominic Johnson will be the Vice Chairman for Finance.
  • Sir Mick Davis will be Party Treasurer.
  • Mark Field continues as Vice Chairman for International Affairs.

– –

Sater has been a Party Vice-Chairman with responsibility for women, and is very active in Women2Win, having chaired its tenth anniversary celebration.

The appointment of a Vice-Chairman for Training is a new initiative.  Patrick McLoughlin believes that activists would welcome training – in dealing with VoteSource; canvassing; managing Association finances, and so on.  It was once part of what CCO (as then was) saw it as its natural business to do.  Like the Party Chairman himself, McIntyre is an experienced political hand who cut her political teeth in the Young Conservatives, and is a long-time West Midlands activist.