We’ve already offered a view of this list. So there’s no point in doing so again. Here’s a quick quiz instead.

  • Which department saw its Secretary of State leave Cabinet, but her Special Adviser gain a peerage?
  • Which former Party Treasurer wasn’t awarded a peerage, and which person who reported to him did?
  • Which senior Cabinet Minister was tipped for a knighthood last weekend, but didn’t receive one?
  • Who might not now be going to the Upper House but for Alan Mak?
  • Which present Cabinet Minister received the same award as three full-time civil servants?
  • Which newly-honoured former Special Adviser to Cameron once wrote that the secret of surviving winter is preseved lemons?
  • Who has now achieved the same status at Dame Vera Lynn?
  • Which Government car drivers got the same award as Laura Trott?
  • Which future peer helped to police the system for appointing peers?

…and finally…

  • Who is the only pro-Leave Minister in the list to receive an honour?
  • Which aide to Cameron turned down a peerage because he disapproves of the Lords?
  • Who got an OBE but should have got a hereditary peerage?

Answers to be published this afternoon.