As our one-time columnist has departed for Number Ten, we highlight some of the ideas advanced by the man described in today’s papers as the Prime Minister’s ‘political brain’.

On Terrorism

“When similar attacks have been carried out in the past, political leaders across the continent have declared solemnly that “the terrorists must not win”, before going about their business unchanged.  But the terrorists do not “win” when the security and intelligence agencies and the police gain new powers to keep the public safe.  They do not “win” when they are forced out of the territories they occupy and from where they plan to attack us.  They do not “win” when we kill them in significant numbers.  They win when they succeed in taking the lives of innocent civilians.  They win when their attacks persuade weak leaders to refuse to take action against them.

“This is what happened the last time a European country suffered an atrocity on the scale of the Paris attacks.  The Madrid train bombings of 2004 occurred three days before the Spanish general election. They killed 191 people, left more than 1,800 injured, and they led to the election of the Zapatero Government, which promptly withdrew Spanish forces from the Middle East.” – November 2015

ConHome summary: Terrorists are incentivised by concessions, not tougher security. Who knew?

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