Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill – seeking to speed up house-building, and privatise the Land Registry.

Digital Economy Bill – establishing a legal right to fast broadband.

Modern Transport Bill – opening the way to a UK spaceport, drone innovation and the development of driverless cars.

Bus Services Bill – increasing council and Combined Authority powers over bus franchising.

Local Growth and Jobs Bill – allowing local authorities to retain all the revenue from Business Rates.

Better Markets Bill – beefing up competition investigations, and making it easier for consumers to switch banks and utility providers.

Criminal Finances Bill – new offences and powers to combat tax evasion and recover criminals’ assets.

NHS (Overseas Visitors Charging) Bill – restricting access to free health care for foreign visitors, and attempting to ensure full payment for NHS services.

Children and Social Work Bill – speeding up the adoption process, and offering advice to young adults for the first few years after leaving care.

Finance Bill 2017 – the speech did not announce a stand-alone Bill for implementing the sugar tax on soft drinks. Rather the Government stated its intent to include the measure in next year’s Finance Bill.

Pensions Bill – reforming financial advice services, among other changes.

Lifetime Savings Bill – creating the new Lifetime ISA.

Education for All Bill – allowing the Government to compel under-performing schools in some areas to become academies.

Higher Education and Research Bill – helping to allow the creation of new universities.

Prison and Courts Reform Bill – including the widely-reported new freedoms for prison governors to innovate in rehabilitation of inmates.

Counter-Extremism and Safeguarding Bill – featuring new restrictions on those who are deemed to be promoting extremist ideologies.

National Citizen Service Bill – putting the existing NCS system into law.

Small Charitable Donations Bill – reforming the Gift Aid system.

Investigatory Powers Bill – AKA the Snooper’s Charter.

Policing and Crime Bill – which will contain further measures on police accountability.

Bill of Rights – much-heralded, though the terms and contents are yet to be settled.

Wales Bill – including new powers for the Welsh Assembly.

Cultural Property Bill – ratifying the Hague Convention on protecting cultural artefacts in war, and new criminal offences for dealing in such property.

Intellectual Property Bill – simplifying the legal processes relating to IP.