EU monsters project fear

As the renegotiation has dragged on, and Remain has continued to slide in the polls, the pro-EU campaign seem to be getting somewhat desperate in their search for arguments that will scare people off voting Leave.

This week’s winner of the Project Fear Scare Story of the Week is particularly farcical. First, the AA claimed that Brexit would instantly cause petrol prices to rise by 18.7p a litre. The claim was scorned instantly by the RAC and by FairFuel UK, who campaign for lower fuel prices.

Then the plot thickened further – faced with a backlash by customers, Edmund King, the AA’s President, apologised and said that the organisation doesn’t take a view either way on Britain’s membership of the EU. His colleagues had, he claimed, been citing a report warning that sterling could fall if we vote Leave. The report’s authors? Goldman Sachs – who fund the pro-Remain ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign.