EU monsters

Scare stories are set to sit at the heart of the pro-EU campaign’s message to voters ahead of the referendum. As Carla Millar illustrates above, the inevitable scaremongering about the fate of Britain without the eurocrats to protect us will no doubt range from the spectres of ISIS and Putin to threats of economic disaster (just like those economic disasters which were supposedly going to ensue if we refused to join the Euro).

Each Friday, ConservativeHome will award a prize to the most absurd pro-Remain scare story. We’re sure there will be lots of competition – particularly if the Remain option continues to slide in the polls and campaigners get more desperate.

Today we can announce the winner of the inaugural Pro-Remain Scare Story of the Week Award: come on down, Lady Brady, who ludicrously and inaccurately claimed that leaving the EU would be “devastating” for British football.

When is she going to explain to Brazil or Argentina that they aren’t allowed to be good at football because they aren’t EU members?

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