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Last week, the inaugural Pro-Remain Scare Story of the Week title was awarded to Lady Brady’s absurd predictions that football would collapse if Jean-Claude Juncker ceased to hold power over our laws.

This week, the prize goes to an even more exalted figure: David Cameron, for his attempt to suggest that the Calais migrant camp known as “The Jungle” would instantly move to Kent in the event of Brexit.

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, this theory was instantly sunk by three inconvenient obstacles:

  • The law, in that the Le Touquet Treaty regulating cross-Channel migration is an agreement between the British and French Governments, and nothing whatsoever to do with EU membership. As Dan Hannan pointed out, even if Le Touquet was to go, there are other, perfectly effective, legal mechanisms like the Carriers Liability Act which prevent Jungle-style camps cropping up at our airports, and could easily be extended to provide continued protection for our ports, too;
  • The French Government, who instantly replied that they would absolutely not scrap the Le Touquet Treaty. Indeed, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve already ruled the idea out last October, saying “It is a foolhardy path, and one the government will not pursue.” Either Downing Street didn’t do its research or it did the research and decided to ignore well-established facts;
  • That big, blue, wet thing commonly known as the English Channel, which even without the EU, the Le Touquet Treaty or the support of the French Government would continue to stand in the way as a not inconsiderable barrier to people walking into our country.

All in all, it was another instance of a scare story producing the effect of making the Remain side look somewhat desperate.

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