Conservatives for Britain, the Party offshoot of Business for Britain, the eurosceptic group headed by Matthew Elliott, has announced its founding group of supporters and office-holders.

The group believes in ‘fundamental renegotiation’, with a vote to leave the EU if it cannot be achieved.

It’s a list that contains many familiar faces from the party’s eurosceptic wing, such as John Redwood, Bill Cash and Lord Flight (a columnist here at ConservativeHome), yet also some new faces. Some notable inclusions:

  • Lord Blencathra, a former Chief Whip who represented the North-Western seat of Penrith and the Border until 2010.
  • Steve Bell, President of the Conservative National Convention.
  • Five of the MPs listed as founder members are from the Class of 2015: James Cleverly (Braintree), Steve Double (St Austell and Newquay), Craig Mackinlay (South Thanet), Tom Pursglove (Corby), and Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Berwick-upon-Tweed). Mackinlay is a former interim leader of UKIP, but Trevelyan has faced local criticism in the North East for her eurosceptic views.
  • David Jones MP, the former Secretary of State for Wales, is listed as a Vice President. The prominent presence of MPs from outside London and the South East, such as Jones, Trevelyan, and Double, will be important if Tory Eurosceptics are to rebut charges in places like Wales, Cornwall and the North East that the Out campaign is a self-interested English or Southern conspiracy.

Vice Presidents:

Amjad Bashir MEP

Steve Bell, President of the National Convention

Lord Blencathra

Sir Bill Cash MP

Lord Flight

Lord Forsyth

Dr Liam Fox MP

Lord Hamilton of Epsom

Daniel Hannan MEP

Bernard Jenkin MP

David Jones MP

Lord Lamont

Julian Lewis MP

Emma McClarkin MEP

Sir John Nott KCB

Owen Paterson MP

John Redwood MP

Viscount Ridley

Lord Tebbit


Steve Baker MP

David Campbell-Bannerman MEP

Founder Members:

Adam Afriyie MP

John Baron MP

Peter Bone MP

Andrew Bridgen MP

David Burrowes MP

James Cleverly MP

Nadine Dorries MP

Steve Double MP

Nigel Evans MP

Philip Hollobone MP

Adam Holloway MP

Craig Mackinlay MP

Anne Main MP

Jason McCartney MP

Carl McCartney MP

Stephen McPartland MP

Tom Pursglove MP

Andrew Rosindell MP

Henry Smith MP

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Andrew Turner MP