Sheridan Westlake has already gone from CLG to Downing Street, Rupert Harrison from the Treasury is seeking pastures new – and so is Ramesh Chhabra from the same department.

And now we have the latest twist in the Game of SpAds. Nick Timothy is off from the Home Office in search of pastures new, to be replaced by Alex Dawson, the head of the Conservative Research Department.  Stephen Parkinson and Liz Sanderson remain in place with Theresa May.

The story of the Home Secretary’s SpAds has been a lively one, as eventful as any of those episodes from Winterfell or King’s Landing (and almost as bloody at times).  Like Fiona Cunningham, whose departure preceded his, Timothy has been a good and faithful servant of the Home Secretary.

He also helped to engineer the defeat of Nigel Farage in Thanet South, and should be restored speedily to the Candidates’ List from which he should never have been removed.  More SpAd news as and when we get it.


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