Here is the list of seats that returned a Conservative MP in 2010 and did not do so in 2015:

  • Brentford & Isleworth (Mary Macleod).
  • Chester (Stephen Mosley).
  • Clacton.
  • Dewsbury (Simon Reevel).
  • Ealing Central and Acton (Angie Bray).
  • Enfield North (Nick de Bois).
  • Hove.
  • Ilford North (Lee Scott).
  • Lancaster & Fleetwood (Eric Ollerenshaw).
  • Wirral West (Esther McVey)
  • Wolverhampton South West (Paul Uppal).

The losses in this election were all to Labour.  Two of the seats in this list didn’t have a Conservative incumbent.  The first is Clacton, because Douglas Carswell joined UKIP during the course of the Parliament.  The second is Hove, because Mike Weatherley stood down.  (He had a battle with cancer during the course of the Parliament, from which he fortunately recovered, I’m glad to report.)

Four of the eleven losses were in London.  Although the Party’s results in the capital were better than feared, this is a reminder of the electoral problems that it faces there.  There is a connection between Matthew Offord holding Hendon and the rightward movement of Jewish voters.  There may also be one between Lee Scott’s loss and the rising number of Muslim voters in Ilford North.

Lee is an energetic and shrewd operator, and a hard worker for the Party.  His period in the Commons overlapped with mine for five years, and this reminds me that I know some of those who lost their seats last week better than others.

These include Angie Bray, who’s a longstanding Conservative of real experience and commitment; Esther McVey, who carried the can for welfare reform in a part of England that’s electorally unreceptive to the Party (Merseyside), and Eric Ollerenshaw, who knows as much about ethnic minority voters in Britain as any Conservative alive.  Nick De Bois is brave, hard-toiling and independent-minded.

This has been a great election win for the Party.  But amidst and after the celebrations, I hope that it spares some institutional time for those who didn’t share in the victory, but who none the less helped to make it happen.  Former MPs such as Ollerenshaw and Mary Macleod (a former Chairman of the Candidates Association) have experience worth tapping into.