On Saturday 28th February, Fareham Conservatives will select a candidate to succeed Mark Hoban, who is stepping down in May. We now have the names of the four finalists competing for the nomination:

  • Cllr Donna Jones. Born and raised in Portsmouth, Cllr Jones now leads the City Council – a tricky job, given that her is a minority administration which relies on at least the ongoing consent of Labour and UKIP rumps to survive. In her professional life, she was an investment manager for a bank before taking a break to focus on local politics.
  • Jeremy Quin. A company adviser from Buckinghamshire, Quin was seconded to HM Treasury during the financial crisis. He is involved a range of voluntary work including with City UK, driving cultural change in financial services, as an Ambassador for Debate Mate, promoting competitive debating in schools, with the Countryside Alliance Foundation, marketing a “living, working countryside”, and with Aylesbury Homeless Shelter. He was a finalist in South Suffolk and Bexhill and Battle.
  • Nick Rose. Rose lives in Bournemouth, and set up his own electronics manufacturing company in 1992. He now works with a range of hi-tech companies, and volunteers with the Prince’s Trust, which helped him launch his business. A former TA soldier, he served a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2007

It’s clearly a very competitive shortlist, with a strong mixture of experience in finance, business, local politics and campaigning work.