Bacon, Mr Richard

Baker, Steve

Benyon, Richard

Bottomley, Sir Peter

Bridgen, Andrew

Carmichael, Neil

Crouch, Tracey

Davies, David T. C.

Duncan, rh Sir Alan

Fuller, Richard


Garnier, Sir Edward

Gillan, rh Mrs Cheryl

Grieve, rh Mr Dominic

Hollobone, Mr Philip

Holloway, Mr Adam

Jones, rh Mr David

Latham, Pauline

Leigh, Sir Edward

Leslie, Charlotte

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian


Lilley, rh Mr Peter

Loughton, Tim

Lumley, Karen

Main, Mrs Anne

McCartney, Jason

Menzies, Mark

Ollerenshaw, Eric

Robathan, rh Mr Andrew

Robertson, rh Sir Hugh

Robertson, Mr Laurence


Soames, rh Sir Nicholas

Stephenson, Andrew

Stewart, Bob

Turner, Mr Andrew

Vickers, Martin

Wharton, James

White, Chris

Williamson, Chris

Wollaston, Dr Sarah

Yeo, Mr Tim


Plus Crispin Blunt as a teller



Blackman, Bob

Djanogly, Mr Jonathan

Freer, Mike

Mills, Nigel

Offord, Dr Matthew

Syms, Mr Robert


I make that 41 for, six against. Apologies to anyone I’ve missed out.

There are two ways of reading the fact that most Conservative MPs didn’t vote at all.  The first is that support for the pro-Palestinian cause, to use a form of shorthand, on the Tory benches is low.  The second is that support for Israel is slipping away – in support of which claim the low number of Conservative MPs opposing the motion will be cited.

My take is the latter.  It may also be that many MPs concluded, as I argued yesterday, that the case for recognition has not been made.