After debating for several hours, the recalled Commons has just voted in favour of British air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

The majority was a hefty one – 524 votes to 43.

We don’t have the full voting record yet but this is the Labour Whips’ office estimate of the composition of those 43:

Two of those Conservative MPs appear to be Mark Reckless and John Baron. I’m sure the other names – including those who weren’t present for one reason or another – will emerge soon.

On the Labour side, Shadow Education Minister Rushanara Ali has resigned from the front bench over Miliband’s support for the motion (she abstained in the vote). As LabourList note, the previous Labour MP for her constituency, Bethnal Green and Bow MP, lost her seat after voting for the Iraq War.

6.45pm Update: PoliticsHome lists the Conservative MPs who voted against the motion as follows:

  • Richard Bacon
  • John Baron
  • Gordon Henderson
  • Adam Holloway
  • Nigel Mills
  • Mark Reckless