• “If Scotland is going to decide some tax rates as well as spending for itself, so should England” – John Redwood
  • “In my view, whatever the outcome, David Cameron’s position is in no doubt, but I for one would be very concerned at the idea that my electorate would continue to subsidise the Scots even after they have been given all these powers to raise even more money.”- John Whittingdale
  • “These pledges have to be put into context. Colleagues should keep calm and wait for the detail.” – Richard Ottoway
  • “I have a great deal of difficulty in any constitutional settlement that enshrines higher public spending in Scotland than in my constituency regardless of relative need. If my constituency had the same demography and was in Scotland, it would have £1,000 a year more in public spending per person.”- David Mowatt
  • “I can’t understand how they think they can deliver this without Parliament looking at the whole picture.This smacks of a last-minute bribe. The party leaders don’t have the authority to make a bribe on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom. Taxation is an issue for Parliament … We don’t legislate by presidential-style decree.” – Christopher Chope
  • “I don’t see why people in the East Midlands should be worse off to the tune of thousands of pounds than the people of Scotland … we’ve always thought it was unfair, but now … it has to be dealt with. You can’t just give powers to Scotland without a fairer distribution of funding and solving the West Lothian Question.” – Peter Bone.
  • “I hope Scots vote to stay; if it goes wrong… the Prime Minister will have to decide what the honourable thing is to do.” – Andrew Rossindell