As reported this morning, there’s growing demand for the Prime Minister to recall parliament due to events in the Middle East.

Now two of the MPs supporting such calls – Nick de Bois and David Burrowes – have released their letter requesting that the Commons reconvene.

It’s notable that as well as mentioning the “horrific persecution of minority groups” by ISIS, they also talk about the need for Parliament to discuss the Gaza conflict. It’s a sign of an attempt to draw in the support of as wide a range of MPs as possible, as well as a symptom of the large amount of correspondence some MPs have reportedly received on the topic.

Here it is:

Dear Prime Minister

We are writing to urge you to recall Parliament in the light of the escalating crises in the Middle East.

What we are witnessing in Iraq is truly shocking and requires a co-ordinated international response. The horrific persecution of minority groups in the region impose both a moral obligation and a duty to our constituents to reconvene so that the escalating crisis can be properly debated with a view to the government being able to seek guidance from and support of the House for policies aimed at ending the killing. It is vital that the House of Commons debate an appropriate response to this emergency.

Whilst the government is rightly engaged in a massive humanitarian effort we believe that the lack of a co-ordinated international response and the unilateral military intervention of the US demand the urgent attention of parliamentarians at this time.

In addition, the continuing conflict in Gaza is the subject of widespread concern amongst our constituents. The failure of a sustainable ceasefire and the increasing loss of life of innocent civilians seems set only to escalate and with the UK having a significant strategic influence on the region the voice of Parliament should be heard at this time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nick de Bois MP

David Burrowes MP

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