Downing Street has released the following statement from the Prime Minister:

“My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones on flight MH17, including the families of the British citizens on board.

I’ve been on the telephone today to the Australian Prime Minister and the Dutch Prime Minister – they’ve suffered appalling loss of life as well. I’ve also been in contact with the Malaysians and will be making other calls so we can share the information we have between us.

It is an absolutely appalling, shocking, horrific incident that has taken place and we have got to get to the bottom of what happened and how it happened. We have some information but we need to find more.

If, as seems possible, the plane was brought down then those responsible must be held to account and we must lose no time in doing that. It is an absolutely shocking incident; it cannot be allowed to stand.

What is absolutely necessary is for all governments to cooperate in every way they can to get to the bottom of what happened, to make sure that this site can be properly investigated, and to make sure that the bodies of loved ones can be properly recovered.”