Congratulations to our regular contributor, Mohammed Amin, on his appointment as the new Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum.

Amin is a mathematician, became an accountant, was the first Muslim partner in Price Waterhouse (as it was then) and was influenced to join the Conservatives by Milton Friedman’s TV series “Free to choose” .

He has written for this site about subjects as various as job creation, sharia wills, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, tax avoidance, and being richer than Pharaoh Ramesses II.

In my view, a key to Amin is that he goes wherever his intellect leads him: he has an independence and originality of mind.

These are essential requirements for a writer (though not necessarily for a politician or activist, but that is another story altogether).

His mathematical bent and training shows up in the logical structure of his writing, and the range of his interests – from Islamic finance, on which he is an expert, to film reviews – is evident from his website.

His chairmanship of the CMF is overdue: he was the Deputy Chairman of the organisation before stepping up. I am very pleased to report Amin’s appointment, which its website somewhat under-plays.