Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 14.30.00Guido Fawkes is best-read among MPs of all parties.  This site just pips it at the post among Tory MPs.  Roughly four out of five of the latter read both.

Carl Phillips of Ipsos MORI writes:

“What is interesting about this is that the Conservative ‘blogosphere’ is notably better developed than the Labour equivalent. While Labour MPs are clearly devotees of Labour List, many also read the right-leaning Guido Fawkes (understandable given its status as one of the first serious UK blogs to focus on politics). Like Guido Fawkes, the Spectator’s Coffee House is widely read by both parties; while the Guardian’s Comment is Free (CiF) is ready by nearly half of Labour MPs but barely any Conservatives.”

  • 63 per cent of Conservatives MPs read the Times (their best-read paper).
  • 73 per cent read the Sunday Times (their best-read Sunday paper).
  • 63 per cent watch Sky News (their best-watched TV news programme).