According to Hansard the following Conservative MPs vote in support of Cheryl Gillan’s amendment:

Afriyie, Adam

Baker, Steve

Baron,   John

Blackman, Bob

Bone,   Peter

Brady,   Graham

Bridgen, Andrew

Byles, Dan

Cash,  William

Chope,   Christopher

Davies, Philip

Fabricant, Michael

Field, Mark

Gillan,  Cheryl

Hollobone,   Philip

Kelly, Chris

Lee,  Phillip

Lefroy, Jeremy

Lewis,  Julian

Loughton, Tim

Nuttall, Mr David

Offord, Dr Matthew

Pawsey, Mark

Pincher, Christopher

Randall,  Sir John

Robertson,  Laurence

Spelman, Caroline

Tapsell,   Sir Peter

Turner,  Andrew

Tyrie,  Andrew

White, Chris

Wiggin, Bill

Tellers for the Ayes included John Gray so he should really be added

After the amendment was defeated there was a vote on principle of the bill. Here the number of Tory rebels fell from 33 to 24 (again including James Gray as the teller.) However they also included John Redwood and Sir Richard Shepherd. So I make that a total of 35 rebels.

The BBC also lists 46 Tory MPs who were absent. But we can’t assume they were all rebels. The list includes the Prime Minister.