In this morning’s Financial Times, Pauline Latham says that David Cameron “surround[s] himself with people who are like him”, and anonymous Conservative backbenchers worry that “a clique of Eton-educated southerners has a key role in finalising the manifesto for the next election”.

In today’s Sun (£), Robert Halfon publishes his own prospectus, urging that the Tories rename themselves the Workers’ Party, offer free membership to trade unionists, value public sector workers, cut taxes for lower earners, and so on.

This happy coincidence highlights a solution to the problem of which those backbenchers complain. Let Halfon be drafted in to Downing Street to run an eye over the manifesto process.  Perhaps he’s not the man to design the car.  But he’s more than capable of judging whether it’s roadworthy – and will sell.