I know that everything in the Daily Mail is true, but I refuse to believe its claim today that a sex party was held at Bridgend Conservative Club.  It is obviously inconceivable that “swingers took to a sex website to boast that they had ‘played in view of everyone'”, that participants were warned “no fighting”, or that one wrote: ‘I know I was no angel last time but I fully intend to set a good example to all this time!!!!’

It is clear from the quotes that there has been some confusion, and that what has been reported as a sex party was actually an Open Primary.  The reference in the story to “fighting” rather gives this away: passions run high at selections. Furthermore, Association members don’t always behave like angels.  It is good to someone owning up to this, even anonymously.

At any rate, a clarification from CCHQ is required. And if what happened was a sex party after all, or one of these was held simultaneously with an Open Primary, Grant Shapps must remind those concerned that, whatever may have happened in the past, in future they must do the right thing and play by the rules.









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