As the so-called Tatler Tories found out in 2010, attention can be a bad thing when you’re seeking election to Parliament.

I suspect Karren Brady is aware of that today, with the papers full of bizarre reports about her being “offered six safe seats” by the Conservative Party.

I say bizarre reports, because what is reported to have been offered to Brady is an impossibility. There is no-one in the Conservative Party who can offer up parliamentary seats like an old-time spiv offered knock-off watches from inside the breast of a pinstriped jacket.

That is more the case now than it was before the mess of the A-list. Associations decide who their candidates are, and no-one wants to be burned as some were during the A-list experiment.

Add to that the growing popularity of open primaries and the heartening trend for trusting the grassroots on matters of selection, and the idea of a celebrity candidate being handed a seat in some shady Westminster meeting is laughable.

If I were Karren Brady, I would therefore be quite annoyed by today’s coverage. It may be the price of fame that unwanted attention follows, but attention like this will lead some to fear she is an anointed candidate in a new parachuting enterprise.

Her business experience might well make her a good MP (or mayoral candidate) – whoever is briefing stories like this is making it harder for her.

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