So, the bookies’ constant favourite has done it: congratulations to Eleanor Laing on her election as deputy Speaker. She came through several rounds of transferable voting, always in first place, to see off Brian Binley by 273 votes to 240. Here’s what the final league table looked like:

  • Eleanor Laing. 273 votes in the final round. 148 first preferences.
  • Brian Binley. 240 votes in the final round. 126 first preferences.
  • David Bellingham. Knocked out with 156 votes after the fifth round. 87 first preferences.
  • Gary Streeter. Knocked out with 95 votes after the fourth round. 86 first preferences.
  • Simon Burns. Knocked out with 70 votes after the third round. 64 first preferences.
  • David Amess. Knocked out with 28 votes after the second round. 27 first preferences.
  • Nadine Dorries. Knocked out with 13 votes after the first round. 13 first preferences, obvs.

Announcing the result, John Bercow said:

“I congratulate the honourable lady warmly, and I may say on behalf of my colleagues and myself that we all greatly look forward to working with her.

In the process, I should like, I’m sure on behalf of the whole House, to thank all of the candidates for participating in the election, and for a contest which showed the House at its best.”

And Laing herself:

“May I also on behalf of all the candidates who took part thank each of the other candidates for the demure and pleasant way in which this election has been conducted, and may I thank the House for placing their confidence in me to let me become part of your team.”