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Hudson Roe is the captain of AFC Bluebirds, a five-a-side team made up
of players from across Westminster. The team are proudly sponsored by
Conservative Home
. Follow them on Twitter.

On the 17 June 1987, the Dusky Seaside Sparrow officially
became extinct. 26 years later, the ConHome-sponsored, avian-named, Bluebirds
were playing to ensure their own survival and avoid relegation.  Knowing that the Big Name Sponsor was disappointed in
the results last week, the team worked to right this and clock up some

Lining up for the early kick off, any chance of the first team
staying in the second division was dependent upon not just winning, but winning
by a strong margin and results in other games going our way. The team, fired up
by an inspirational speech from the Captain and free Lucozade at Powerleague
ultimately did not avoid the drop. However, the match was a one sided affair
with the boys in blue dominating the match and scoring ten goals.

Straight from the kick off Bluebirds were all over the
opposition with secure defending and overwhelming firepower up front. Holding
the defence was the captain, with Dan Hooper and Ed Winfield spending all of
the game running; supporting the defence, facilitating the attack, using all
the energy a motivational speech and a free power drink can bring.

With the
keeper barely being called upon there was nothing to stop a forward rampage. Jimmy
McLoughlin, with his partner-in-crime the Roberto Carlos-like Adam Brown in
support, led the charge bagging an excellent hat-trick. With quick passing,
competitive play and repeated use of their weaker foot, this first class group
of players worked to create a symphony of champagne football. Victory was guaranteed
with goals subsequently going to every member of the team – a resounding victory.  The team may have been relegated but with
performances like that one, the Division Three title beckons.

The second game of the evening saw the second of the two
Bluebirds teams. playing in the Premier Division (safe in the knowledge that
they were safe from relegation). enter into a full-blooded contest
against a team of angry young men.

A core of players having played the earlier game, the team
were well prepared for one of the most physical encounters the intrepid
bluebirds had ever faced.  Owing to the
experience of the team and despite constant provocation, all of the team
remained on the pitch for the whole game. 
This was not the case for the over-exuberant ‘Goalscoppers’ who had
players removed from the field at several points in the game.  Bluebirds are used to finding themselves
playing against physically intimidating opponents; never before has it been a
batch of hormonal students. 

Despite the antagonism, Bluebirds continued the evening’s
tradition of fine, flowing football – Luke Webster and Alex Lancaster providing width and Jack Withrington again
performing the role of foundation upon which successful attacks could be
built.   Constant buzzing around and
running led the team to overwhelm the youthful opponents; displaying passing
that would not look out of place in a Guardiola team.  Despite superior possession the match was, in
terms of goals scored, a tight affair, never exceeding a two-goal margin.

The Captain pitched in with his first hat trick of the
season, including an expertly dispatched left-foot half volley to take the lead
in the final few minutes.  This was sadly
undone by some awful defending, but the striker, Will McCann, restored the lead
with seconds on the clock.

The season may be over, but there is no let-up for the
Bluebirds.  Next week is the beginning of
the new season (no summer tour, trips to Dubai or pre-season training sessions
for us), with only three weeks before the grudge match against Labour's Demon Eyes on July

Twobirds 10 – 3 Buzzers
Bluebirds 8 – 7 Goalscoppers