By Peter Hoskin
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that list of “12 Conservative Achievements” that was handed out at Spring Forum? Grant Shapps did
promise, in his article
for ConHome
yesterday, that you’d be able to download your own copies from
today – and he wasn’t lying. You can find it here,
ready to be printed, distributed, memorised, discussed, whatever. We’ve pasted
our copy below

This is all part of CCHQ’s
plan to spread the word about what the Tories are achieving in Government.
Aside from this list, there have been the leaflets
that were handed out
after the Budget, as well as the cards that were handed
during last year’s conference. Indeed, it’s like I said in a
last September:

“The Coalition is entering an awkward, adolescent
phase of the Parliament, when less can be blamed on the sins of governments
past, and more emphasis must be placed on the achievements that have been
sealed and the achievements that are yet to come.”  

Anyway, here are the 12
Conservative Achievements (click for a larger version):

12 achievements