By Tim Montgomerie
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Ed Miliband – who has spent his whole life in politics – has given an interview to the House Magazine urging his party to select people who are less middle class and from more diverse backgrounds. Professor Philip Cowley of Nottingham University has reported that more local and working class candidates are the top one and two changes that voters would like in their political representatives.

BigpicOvernight, local Tory activists have selected Cornwall County Cllr Scott Mann as our party's candidate in North Cornwall. The party website notes that he has been working as a local postman since 1996. He also appears to have a record of independent-mindedness and describes himself as a "Centre Ground Conservative moving futher right as I get Greyer".

Learn a little more about Scott Mann here.

The Liberal Democrats hold the seat with a majority of 2,981. It's a must-win seat for our party and is part of Grant Shapps' big decision to target Lib Dem unpopularity. The Daily Mail's Deputy Political Editor, Tim Shipman, speculated yesterday that more Lib Dem seats might be targeted and with more resources in retaliation for Nick Clegg's betrayal on the boundary deal.

> Yesterday evening's news: Candidates are now being selected for Cardiff North, Corby, Hazel Grove and Solihull