By Peter Hoskin
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RowenaHollandA short post to congratulate Dr Rowena Holland on being selected
as the Conservative candidate for Nottingham South. The selection was announced
last night.

Dr Holland was, in fact, the candidate for Nottingham South
at the last election — and performed admirably. In a seat that has been held by
Labour since 1992, she placed only 1,772 votes behind that party’s Lilian Greenwood,
and achieved a swing towards the Conservatives of 7.4 per cent. Notwithstanding
the 8.7 per cent swing that Martin Curtis achieved in Nottingham North, that
was probably the best Tory result in the
in 2010.

And Dr Holland is also a Conservative councillor, for the North
West Leicestershire District Council. This fits into a trend, that Paul noted recently, for
selecting candidates with a record of service to the party.

Anyway, she faces quite a battle now: Conservatives lost out
in the last local elections in Nottingham, and Labour’s campaign against a
directly-elected mayor for the city even drew Eric Pickles’ ire. She has started that
fight with the statement below:

“I am honoured to
have been selected a second time to represent the Nottingham South constituency
at the 2015 General election as the Conservative Party candidate.

I am going to
start hitting the streets straight away, talking to voters and listening to what
they want for their city.

The Coalition
Government has achieved so much for the people of Nottingham, such as the
electrification of the East Midlands mainline and the widening of the A453, but
there is so much more to be done.

There is a lot of
work to do over the coming two and a half years to achieve real change for the
voters of Nottingham. Whether it’s fighting to get resident’s voices heard or
holding the Labour run City Council to account I am ready for the challenge.”

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