By Peter Hoskin
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According to Paul Waugh,
we can now expect a trio of by-elections on 29th November.
Apparently, Labour will move the writs for Croydon North, Middlesbrough
and Rotherham tomorrow.

All of which makes the next few
weeks even more election-heavy. Don’t forget, on 15th November, we
also have the by-election in Corby — the first time that the current Government
has had to defend one of its seats — as well as those in Manchester Central and
Cardiff South & Penarth. The police commissioner elections are also on that

And it promises to be an unforgiving
schedule for the Tories. Labour are favourites in Corby, of course, and they
seem to have a freehold on the rest; including Rotherham, the former seat of
Denis MacShane, where the party’s majority from the last election stands at 10,462 votes.

Even if Conservative candidates
perform well in the police commissioner elections, the story there could be
about low voter turnout. So, good job that George Osborne’s Autumn Statement is
at the beginning of December. Those things always go well, don’t they?

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