Here is the latest in our series of Twenty Questions with members of the Class of 2010…

Alun Cairns Commons Alun Cairns
was elected MP for Vale of Glamorgan with a majority of 4,307.

1. What is your earliest political memory? The Falklands War.

2. Complete the sentence: “I’m a Conservative because… I believe that work and effort should be rewarded.”

3. Who is your political hero and why? Margaret Thatcher, because of the economic transformation she brought about.

4. When did you decide you wanted to become an MP?  When there was a fear/risk of a Labour government in 1995.

5. What is your reading material of choice? PoliticsHome, ConservativeHome, Glamorgan Gem, Barry and District News, Glamorgan Gazette and Harvard Business Review.

6. Who is your favourite political interviewer/presenter on TV or radio? Jeremy Paxman.

7. If you could run any government department, which would it be and why? Business, Innovation and Skills – to make Britain more competitive.

8. Which non-Conservative politician do you most admire? Peter Mandelson – because of his brass neck.

9. Who would you least want to get stuck with in a House of Commons lift? No-one – they are tiny.

10. If you were in the US, would you be a Republican or a Democrat? Republican.

11. What do you enjoy doing to unwind and relax?
Ski and cycle.

12. What is your favourite book? The Downing Street Years by Margaret Thatcher.

13. What is your favourite film? The Shawshank Redemption.

14. What is your favourite music? Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan.

15. What would be your ideal meal and where would you eat it? Fish and chips on Barry Island.

16. What is your favourite holiday destination? Bardi, Emilia Romagna.

17. What do you most want to achieve during your first term in Parliament? The respect from constituents in the Vale of Glamorgan.

18. Tell us one interesting, unusual or surprising fact about yourself. My first job was a petrol pump attendant – when we had them!

19. Tell us one interesting, unusual or surprising fact about your constituency.
The Essex home in Gavin and Stacey is actually in Dinas Powys, about 5 miles from Barry!

20. Share with us your most amusing story or favourite anecdote from the campaign trail. After introducing myself on a doorstep, the man responded: “Of course I will vote for you. We need to do all we can to keep that Cairns guy out!”

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