Yesterday in the Commons Bill Cash MP introduced his Sovereignty of Parliament Bill (click to enlarge):

SovereigntyBill Mr Cash made these observations as he did so:

The economic cost of the EU: "The European Union costs the United Kingdom £2,000 for each man, woman
and child, according to the Taxpayers' Alliance, and the new,
unacceptable proposals for enlargement involve countries that are
sometimes neither appropriate allies nor intrinsically democratic."

The Tory leader backs a Sovereignty Bill: "My right hon. Friend the Member for Witney (Mr Cameron) has reaffirmed
my continuous call, made for more than a decade, for an association of
nation states, which would be founded on the principle of parliamentary
sovereignty. He has proposed a sovereignty Bill in that framework,
because he recognises the danger that we are in."

The essential nature of the Bill: "I am putting forward a proposal based on the rejection of European
government, albeit with co-operation on European trade, and on
endorsing global trade and political co-operation and democracy in our
national interest, with a reversion to an association of nation states
in Europe, which is what I believe the people of this country really
want. Indeed, the original White Paper that led to the European
Communities Act 1972 clearly stated that we had to retain the veto as
part of our parliamentary sovereignty, in order to sustain the vital
national interests of the voters of the United Kingdom, and not only
for our sake, but
"to preserve the very fabric of the European Community itself."

Read the full speech here.

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