Speaker Bercow 2 Last month it was reported that Shadow Leader of the House Sir George Young was keen to move Prime Minister's Question Time to Thursdays.

According to the Independent, the Commons Speaker, John Bercow, has not only backed that proposal, but suggested that it should perhaps be re-instated as twice-weekly fixture, as it was prior to 1997:

"The Commons Speaker, John Bercow, is pressing for Prime Minister’s Question
Time to be moved from Wednesdays to Thursdays – or even to take place twice
a week. Mr Bercow believes the changes would help boost interest in Parliament and
increase the number of MPs who go into the Commons chamber.

"Mr Bercow argues that moving PMQs to Thursdays would bring the parliamentary
week to a more dramatic end. He fears that staging PMQs on Wednesdays means the week’s events tail off
after then, with many MPs leaving Westminster for their constituencies early
on Thursdays."

Jonathan Isaby