From tomorrow's Guardian:

"A new Conservative government may keep parliament sitting through
next August in an attempt to show its determination to implement its
manifesto commitments, a source has disclosed. The move would send a
message of a symbolic break with the current parliament's self-serving
practices, the source said…

Working through the summer would also show the willingness
of the Cameron government to make personal sacrifices as it asks
Britain to take some very tough medicine, including public sector pay
freezes and job losses.

With MPs' standing at an all-time low,
largely owing to the expenses scandal, the shadow cabinet is aware that
extraordinary steps have to be taken to restore trust. It would also be
taken as a dramatic symbol of the Tory slogan "we are all in this

Some shadow cabinet members are arguing that the
Conservative government would rapidly be seen as just like its
predecessors if it administered some unpalatable spending cuts in the
emergency budget only to head off on an extended summer holiday less
than three weeks later. They also fear political momentum would be lost."

I hope this is true. It sends exactly the right message.

Tim Montgomerie

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