PoliticsHome’s ‘100 survey’ finds
that the vast majority of Westminster insiders think that the summer
recess is way too long.  MPs finish up in the Commons today and don’t
return until October.

Dan Hannan thinks recesses should be long:

"I am hugely attracted to the idea that sessions should
be kept short to
discourage unnecessary legislation. It happens in Switzerland and in
several US states. For a long time, Texas operated an ingenious system
where its state congressmen could sit for longer if they chose, but
could not claim their modest attendance allowances after 60 days.  The
European Parliament has also risen. But, unlike virtually every
national assembly, it’ll be back before August is out. Why? For the allowances of course!"

PS Red Box’s Sam Coates notes that the Government is ‘taking out the trash’ today, rushing out announcements in the hope that MPs raring to getaway won’t really notice. 

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