Derek Conway MP on the closure of Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup:

"There have been problems at the hospital, but they have been met,
despite the hospital not having a financial level playing field for a
number of years. We accept that there must be some changes. Nobody is
sticking their head in the sand. What is confusing, however, is the
number of fingers in the pie. NHS London seems to be wobbling all over
the place. Who will count, Darzi or Alberti? Will the clinical boards
take into account travel times? I am told that that is not part of
their remit. The “A Picture of Health” consultation is being
steamrollered through, so the number of hospitals will fall from four
to two with no one sure what is intended. The care trust has got its
finger in the pie, and the acute trusts are all over the shop.
Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Lord Warner pushes on through the
swirling, confusing mess.

have a warning for the Minister. We are glad that she is present, and
we look forward to hearing what she says, but those who stand behind
her who are creating this swirling mess need to know that closure of
the hospital will be bitterly opposed."

More from Hansard here.

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