"That this House notes that school balances have been charged in the past; expresses concern at Government proposals for a universal five per cent. levy on unspent balances to be imposed on schools in England; further notes that many schools prudently plan for the future and save for special projects; considers that schools should not be penalised for building up balances to cover planned education projects that will deliver the best possible education to students; stresses that excessive school balances have fallen in the past five years; further notes that the National Association of Head Teachers has stated that attempting to cut surpluses already committed to projects would be unacceptable and that the Association of School and College Leaders has said that schools should not be penalised if they have a significant balance when it is part of their planned expenditure programme; and calls on the Government to take into account the legitimate concerns of schools, head teachers and governors in consulting on the Draft School Finance Regulations 2008."

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