By Tim Montgomerie
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been running a mini-campaign to get one of our Welsh MPs appointed as Welsh
Secretary (should, as is expected, Cheryl Gillan move on in the looming reshuffle). Unlike Scotland where the party continues to struggle the
Conservatives have done well in Wales and must continue to do so if we
are to have any chance of a majority at the next election. Our chances will be further maximised if we have a spokesman in the Welsh media who lives in and represents a Welsh seat, rather than say Amersham or Basingstoke.

I tested this idea in the latest ConHome members' survey.

Respondents were asked to agree or disagree that "in the reshuffle Cameron should appoint one of the party's Welsh MPs to be Secretary of State for Wales and not another MP from an English seat".

86% agreed. 10% diagreed. 4% didn't know. Over to you Prime Minister.

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