Cllr Gary Powell is a councillor in Buckinghamshire

Peter Hitchens, who has described the Conservative Party as “the main Left-wing party in the country”, once told me on Twitter that the Conservative Party would end up disappointing me one day. Simple words, but they stuck with me, and I grudgingly sensed their prescience at the time. Disappointment, of course, is a ubiquitous characteristic of the human condition and need not necessarily lead to the abandonment of a fundamentally positive organisation or person. Otherwise, how would any of our relationships survive or endeavours continue? There are times, however, when disappointment becomes nuclear. That’s the time to cut and run.

Last year, Peter Hitchens wrote about my futile attempts (second item) to encourage the Metropolitan Police to arrest a man (coincidentally also called “Powell”) who had incited a murderous terrorist attack on Boris Johnson and his Cabinet. This incident demonstrated the ideological degradation of the Metropolitan Police (one of so many similarly-blighted entities) on the Conservative watch. No criticism is implied here of the many long-suffering and heroic police officers enduring the imposition of noxious leftist ideology from above.

We should be very concerned about the state of the UK’s politicised police forces today, where one person can be admonished and given a disclosable police record for expressing a simple belief in biological reality, whereas another person can call on terrorists to blow up the Prime Minister yet be assured he is “not in any trouble whatsoever” and even apologised to for the “unsolicited nature” of the Police letter. My consequent two letters of complaint (the second a chase-up) to the Home Secretary via my MPs elicited concerned replies from my MPs but no response from the Home Office. As Wittgenstein said, “That whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must remain silent.”

My great hankering is for the Conservative Party to behave like a conservative party. A large majority of its members seem, like me, to be political conservatives, and it still remains a far better option than the other left-wing alternatives. Yet Conservative governments have presided over a society that is becoming increasingly left-totalitarian, like absentee landlords whose house is being trashed without them realising or perhaps even caring.

Why have our local authority schools been allowed to become left-wing indoctrination centres, where child safeguarding is abandoned to make way for imposed gender ideology extremism championing non-binary-beings and biologically male “lesbians” with penises and beards, promoted by socialist pedagogues high on virtue-signal flavoured dopamine? These indoctrinated children are the voters of the future. They also include many gay and lesbian people of the future who will become sterilised by hormones, mutilated by amputations, and groomed into believing they are transgender (and hence heterosexual) when they are not.

The kind of tedious left-wing “woke” ideology I regularly hear spouted in council meetings and elsewhere is bad enough when it comes from opposition parties. For very many members and voters, I suspect, the gradual ideological capture of the Conservative Party by this ideology will serve as a reminder that parties such as UKIP and the Brexit Party can do extremely well when the electorate is pushed too far. The Brexit Party is still waiting watchfully in the wings, lest we forget.

Does today’s Conservative Party really need to indulge in so much appeasement, when most of those whom they try to keep sweet would never vote for us anyway? It feels as though the Left is being allowed to set the agenda with forceful, confident assertion of its ideologies, while the Conservative Party hesitates to counter with the equivalent confident assertion of conservative values. Instead, the Conservative Party seems to be appeasing the Left’s agenda and adapting itself to it. As though winning votes at any cost were more important than winning hearts and minds to conservative values.

Following the demise of foundational belief systems in the West, some terrifying dogmata are emerging to fill the void. Extreme gender ideology is one of them. The kind of grip that this hatefully intolerant and dangerous ideology is inflicting on the West particularly harms women, gay and lesbian people, people with high-functioning autism, and children, and Stonewall has been its main driver in the UK since 2015, once legal equality had been achieved for gay and lesbian people, and Stonewall needed a new fundraising cause.

Today, no matter how much you defend the legitimate rights and dignity of transsexual people, merely stating there is an insuperable biological difference between men and women is enough to get you sacked, silenced, no-platformed, labelled a “transphobe”, and accused of “hating trans people”. Don’t expect any respectful and measured discussion: you are the Salem’s witch of the 21st Century, and you must be silenced and punished, robbed of your livelihood, have your life destroyed and any crowdfunder to defend your human rights taken down.

We desperately need our Conservative Government to defend freedom of speech and children’s safeguarding against this extreme ideology and its activists, and to enforce the public sector equality duty to protect the rights of women, girls, and of gay, lesbian and autistic children, who are particularly vulnerable to gender identity grooming and indoctrination.

While genuinely transsexual people must be protected from unfair discrimination, to be sacked simply for saying that biological men cannot become biological women is outrageous. The Government also needs to ensure, inter alia, that transwomen (i.e. biological men) convicted of physically or sexually abusing women or children or viewing child abuse pornography, must be reported in the media as male, and not female. These are crimes overwhelmingly associated with men. It is an outrage to women, as well as to statistical crime analysis, to see such criminals recorded and reported as “women”.

Instead, we now see our Conservative Government dithering over whether or not to steer British society into the post-modernist dystopia of extreme gender ideology. Some Conservative MPs actively promote this ideology, clearly lacking any understanding of the harm it causes.

In our Party, appeasement, assimilation, and virtue-signalling, seem to be replacing intelligent thought and principled conservative activism. Meanwhile, many of Britain’s conservatives may soon be ready to weigh anchor.