Cllr Aidy Riggott is a County Councillor for Euxton, Astley, & Buckshaw in Chorley and is Lead Member for Economic Development & Cultural Services on Lancashire County Council.

We have all seen the studies that trust in politicians is at an all time low.

We have all been there on the doorstep and experienced the “I’m not voting. You are all the same.” response from voters.

Or now, the increasingly common cries on social media of “Fake News” to any statement that may be disagreeable.

Here in Chorley, once again, the trust, that long-standing contract between voters and those they were elected to represent, has again been broken. Once again a Labour Councillor was unable to either stand by, or apologise and retract, their written statements.

Back in August, a furious row broke out as to whether football fans where welcome in Chorley or not. Press releases were issued and amended. The Council Leader, Cllr Alistair Bradley along with Chorley MP, Sir Lindsay Hoyle were missing in action. Social media was ablaze, with furious residents and long standing visitors to Chorley equally outraged. Rumour and counter rumour swirled.

What is the truth I was asked? Who and what were voters to believe?

Was it the letter sent to football clubs up and down the country on Chorley Council letterhead, signed by Cllr Danny Gee, ‘Chair of Chorley Council Town Centre Team’ that stated “…travelling away fans will no longer be welcome in Chorley…”?

Or was it the statement by Chorley Council saying “A letter circulated to football clubs has led fans to feel they are not welcome in Chorley – that’s not the case…”?

Or was it the interview on BBC Radio 5 where Cllr Danny Gee says “it’s not come from myself or Chorley Council, its come from the residents of Chorley”?

Hang on just a minute. Who was saying football fans are not welcome here in Chorley? Not Cllr Danny Gee. Not Chorley Council. It was now residents saying this, we were told.

Was I surprised by this Labour Council once again weaselling around with words and statements?


A once proud Labour Party is being dragged deep into the sewers by a self-serving national ‘leader’ who appears to have no shame, is unable to show contrition or apologise for his past actions, and is unrepentant and unwilling to change.

Is it any wonder that Labour Councillors are following this lead? Not just here in Chorley, but up and down the country in Council Chambers and on the doorsteps of our towns and villages?

Never has it been more important to elect Conservative leaders and Councillors who will fight these blatant lies and misrepresentations and instead focus on doing what voters elected them to do. To serve the voters and their best interests.