Cllr Oliver Hemsley is the Leader of Rutland County Council.

The past four years have given me a much better insight into the operation of local government, this has also allowed me to realise that I have more to offer than I believed four years ago.

I am a pragmatic person and accept that if we are trying hard and doing what we believe is the right thing then we are halfway to helping improve others lots.

As a Conservative councillor I have been involved in the ongoing management of Oakham Enterprise Park and helped to bring an overall structure to the site that helped reduce legal fees and simplified the process that tenants had to go through and streamlined the debt recovery system. I have brought my own business experience to this as a landlord and believe that simple works.

Listening is one of the things that I say to my children is essential and I believe that we should do twice the amount of listening as talking, we can only understand and truly engage with others if we understand their needs and then we can help them.

The Conservative ethos is one that I have adapted to suit what we do and that is we need to preserve what is good, enhance what is good and ensure that we are inclusive in all our decisions and we need to do what is right for Rutland.

We are determined with the funding pressures that we face year on year from central l Government that we work even harder to protect the way of life that makes Rutland the place it is. We are a high performing Council and this means that we have great schools, our adult social care is recognised as amongst the best, and we have fantastic re-enablement services. All of this is managed because as a Conservative lead council we focus on what the needs of Rutland residents are and I have personally driven the need to engage and listen to our locals in a clear way and am trying to create an understanding that the Council is here to support and help, I do think with today’s social media news can be around the world in seconds and for some strange reason we believe what we read on these media sources rather than checking the facts and I would urge anyone if you have a question please ask it, there is no such thing as a daft question.

I also believe that if we find that what we thought was the right thing turns out not to deliver we should be brave enough to hold up our hand and say so and I do not think that this should be anything other than common sense prevailing but some will claim it as a victory against one.

Finally I feel it is a privilege to serve one’s county in this way and a chance to return some of the support that the county has provided myself and my family with great schools a great place to run a business and a great place to live.