Oliver Freeston is the Conservative Candidate for the Croft Baker Ward for North East Lincolnshire Council.

Blame the cuts!

This is the Labour answer to everything. A complete farce by a Labour Council? Blame the cuts! Here in North East Lincolnshire we are controlled by a Labour administration, who have caused public uproar due to inadequate management of our taxes. Countless failings have led to our quality of life rapidly declining.

The most recent failing, and a real focus of mine if I get elected, is the damage caused by our Labour administration through their refusal to use their powers as the Council to resolve the issue of the homeless people that are begging on our main shopping street in Cleethorpes, St Peter’s Avenue. These people need help to be taken off the street, not only is it terrible for them to be in such a horrid cycle, it is now damaging the business prospects of many traders because customers are deterred from visiting the area. At a recent meeting I attended, one resident claimed “I am scared to go down there now”. Yet, despite these worrying outcries, the Labour Council continue to take a soft approach on the matter, rather than be proactive in removing these people to places where there is support available.

The Salvation Army offer beds to those who claim to be homeless, and have told me that they often have beds go vacant. The Council must take responsibility and prevent people from self-inflicting harm on themselves when there is support available. The indiscreet drug taking and zombie-like effects which often follow should not be tolerated. My biggest distress is the concerns that have been raised by local parents, who are being tasked with answering questions from their children like “what is that person doing?” It is totally unacceptable that a child is forced to witness such alarming events. In my eyes, it is neglect on behalf of the Council. Their duty is to manage our resources effectively, yet clearly protecting the innocence of children, and maintaining business trade is of little interest. Prioritising complex and unnecessary strategies is pointless when they are getting the basics wrong.

The Labour administration have opted to cut waste collection to fortnightly, instead of weekly, with little to no consultation with taxpayers. We are paying for a service and not being adequately informed of changes. I am behind recycling, and so the increased pressure to recycle I accept, but the small recycling boxes are a nuisance and not fit for purpose. The Council has failed to provide us with appropriate recycling bins like other Councils have, which would make a huge difference to us. These boxes cause the rubbish to blow everywhere, plaguing the street with rubbish. If the Council had consulted the people, they would have realised that we wanted bins to enable us to recycle effectively. But they haven’t. And so, there is increasing resentment towards the current Labour administration, who in the last few months alone, has failed to effectively do their job.

I am standing for councillor in the Croft Baker Ward, Cleethorpes, because I want to campaign for change. Like my neighbours in the area, we are increasingly frustrated at the continuous failings and lack of support afforded to the people who are footing the bill. It is time for a change, and on the 3rd May I hope to be elected to deliver just that.