The local election results in Nottinghamshire were slightly disappointing in the context of some of the results achieved by the Conservatives elsewhere. We gained seven seats ending up with 31 seats out of 66 – solid progress but not quite enough for overall control of the Council. However a deal has been done with four councillors from the Mansfield Independent Forum. A minority administration would have been an option. But doubtless this coalition arrangement was felt to be less problematic.

As the new council leader Cllr Kay Cutts puts it:

“We believe the best interests of the County Council and the residents of Nottinghamshire will be served by forming a majority group to provide the strong and stable leadership our county needs.”

Cllr Cutts set out some of her priorities in a piece for Conservative Home last month.

In Perth and Kinross where the Conservatives are the largest Party it is reported that they will run the Council in coalition with independents and the Lib Dems.

The Scottish Borders Council will be run by the Conservatives and Independent Alliance. The Council’s new Conservative leader will be Cllr Shona Haslam.

Angus Council will have a Conservative/Lib Dem/Independent administration. It is not clear who the leader will be – although there are nine independent councillors and eight Conservatives.

The news in South Ayrshire is less satisfactory. The Conservatives gained two seats and are the largest single Party. However having run the Council in coalition with Labour they now go into opposition – there will be an SNP/Labour/independents coalition.

Aberdeen saw eight Conservative gains – it is reported that “work is under way” a “minority coalition” of Conservatives, Labour and independents. However in Edinburgh it is understood that Labour will prop up the SNP.

The electoral system means the number of hung councils is very high in Scotland. In many local authorities the haggling is still under way. In Wales we are waiting to news of the Vale of Glamorgan – where the Conservatives were just one seat short. In England there are talks under way in Cumbria and Cornwall.