Cllr Charles Lucas is the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Bristol.

I am very excited to be standing as the Conservative candidate for the role of Mayor of our great city.

I am a sitting councillor and I have learned over my term of office how the Council works. During this time, I have tried to serve the people of my ward by assisting them in getting things done. Now I want to do this for the whole city. The position holds tremendous privilege but with the privilege comes greater responsibility. I want to reach out to all levels of our community and society to ensure we can build a better Bristol for everyone.

As Mayor I would want Bristol to be a fully inclusive city for everyone regardless of gender, race and physical ability with our amazing city open to everyone.

My city-wide policies are:

  1. I want to get Bristol moving with less congestion and freer flowing traffic. Part of this will be to de-trunk the M32 and turn it into a new urban expressway into the city.
  2. I will build more park and ride facilities as well as opening up bus lanes to all.
  3. I want to see more segregated cycle routes but not at the expense of motorists.
  4. I will open up and utilise the local rail network.
  5. Additionally, I will pursue a local integrated transport plan for the whole region by delivering the Government’s devolution deal to Bristol and the west of England.
  6. I will get Bristol building and build more homes to tackle homelessness.
  7. I will increase resources to the Planning department to facilitate a better service to developers and investors in Bristol.
  8. I will look to attract investment from across the world to Bristol – investment brings jobs which in turn brings prosperity for everyone.
  9.  I will introduce a new Council veto to allow the Councillors to veto any Mayoral policy when 75 per cent of Councillors want to block the Mayor from going ahead with something the city does not support.
  10. I will back our cultural offering in Bristol and ensure all our cultural facilities receive adequate support and investment as well as backing a bid to deliver the European Capital of Culture.
  11. I also intend to run the Council differently. Authority will be devolved to a multiparty Cabinet who will be responsible and will be the decision-makers for their departments.
  12.  I want to make Bristol an even better place for all its residents. We are a wonderfully eclectic and diverse city with incredible heritage and a fantastic future ahead of us.

We need sound Conservative leadership to deliver all this. You can see more information about my campaign here.

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