Stephen Mold is the Conservative candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in Northamptonshire and a councillor in South Northamptonshire. He has previously served as the Regional Chairman for the East Midlands Conservatives.

I am delighted to be selected as the Conservative candidate for PCC in Northamptonshire.  As a father of three and a local businessman, the success of our police force matters deeply to me. I want to build a safer community for all and my ambition is to make Northamptonshire police a world-class service, something everybody can be proud of.

In the short time since I have been selected I have been out meeting local people, community groups, and victim support groups across Northamptonshire. It is important to me to be standing side by side with the people that I wish to represent. There are some serious challenges facing our police force and I want to put us in the best possible position to face these challenges head on.

Our ultimate goal must be to create and maintain a Police Service that is both respected by the public that it serves, but also one capable of staying ahead of the criminals as they innovate.

I am committed to protecting frontline police officers and my aim over the longer term is to increase them.

I believe we have a committed and dedicated police force in Northamptonshire, I want to see them trusted and supported, we need a return to common sense policing where we trust front line police officers’ instincts and judgement.

I want to see them equipped with the latest technology to make them even more effective and we need to reduce the bureaucratic burden and get them catching criminals.

My policing priorities will include a zero tolerance approach to domestic violence. I will be working with local support groups and victim charities to give those who are living with domestic violence hope. I want to work with outside partners to develop an app so that people can contact the police in even the most dire of situations.

In Northamptonshire we have a serious issues of alcohol abuse and alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour. I will work with landlords, bar owners and Councils to combat this issue. We will not be afraid to withdraw licenses from some of our repeat offending establishments. This is a problem facing us all and we can only tackle it if we work together.

In the UK last year, over half of all crimes committed against a person were committed online. I want to equip our police to be able to better deal with internet related crime. I believe that working with partners such as our banks, we can develop a method of cracking down on this criminal activity and protect children and adults alike.

As a seasoned campaigner, having been a parliamentary candidate in a close fought election in 2010, I value and enjoy listening and discussing with local people and businesses the issues which concern us all. I will be out there on the doorstep meeting residents and community groups throughout the campaign and if elected I will continue to engage and listen to your concerns and feedback.

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