Cllr John Campion is the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia and a councillor in Worcestershire.

If elected as West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner I will work tirelessly to represent the hopes, aspirations and values of all the communities of our diverse force area. The force area has many different communities being policed by consent by one single police service.  I respect those values and our diversity and I will ensure they have prominence in West Mercia’s policies.

I have a wealth of local government experience with a sound understanding of the police service in West Mercia and the partnership environment it operates in. I am well placed to give the political leadership it needs.

If elected as Commissioner I will balance the broader issues such as tackling organised crime and terrorism whilst delivering community policing.  I believe I have the skills and track record to do this effectively. I have broad experience from front line community engagement through to high level strategic policy development.

Essentially, the police force should work in a partnership environment to support a safe, and a “perceived to be safe” community.  A Commissioner must not only have policies to drive crime down, but to also tackle the perception of crime.  For too long, sections of our community haven’t felt safe in their own streets. I would redouble the efforts through engagement to provide that reassurance to our community, whilst targeting low level crime such as antisocial behaviour.

I believe in the British style of policing, that is policing by the consent of the community. My vision is to protect that value and build on it, by ensuring the police service continues to be at the heart of our community; visible and accountable. I would protect this core value as the police service develops, adapts and responds to ever changing threats to our community as well as to the considerable financial challenges it faces.

I have a vision for West Mercia, based around three themes: Secure, Reform and Reassure.


I will work hard for a Secure West Mercia; keeping our community safe against threats and responding in an emergency. I will also invest in crime prevention, ensuring we tackle the causes of crime.

  • Response. I will work with the Chief Constable to ensure that there are sufficient resources to provide an appropriate Police response in times of emergency.
  • Security.  I will invest in and contribute towards regional and national strategic activities helping to keep our country and local community safe.
  • Economy.  I will work with the business community to tackle business and cyber crime, which costs our economy millions of pounds.
  • Accountability.  I will hold the Chief Constable to account, including tackling the growing incidents of Rape and violent Crime.
  • Prevention.  I will work with West Mercia’s community safety partners to invest in crime prevention, addressing the root causes of crime.


I will support the reform of the back office functions enabling more money to be diverted to front-line policing. I will be open and transparent in how decisions are made and how taxpayer’s money is spent.

  • Transparent.  I will be transparent in how decisions and appointments are made.  I will ensure all Police and Crime Commissioner appointments are publically advertised and awarded on merit.
  • Rationalise.  I will reduce the cost of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, including centralising its administrative function at Police HQ Worcester.
  • Frugal.  I will reduce the cost and re-focus the roles of the Deputy Commissioner, Ambassador Co-ordinator and Community Ambassadors.  The re-focus will centre on engagement with community groups and local government, ensuring the views of the community are at the heart of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s decisions and priorities.
  • Tax.  I will keep Council Tax increases to a minimum.
  • Transformation.  I will work with the Chief Constable to drive through a transformation programme throughout the police service, centred on reducing back office bureaucracy and cost, ensuring ever more resources can be focused on front-line policing.
  • Collaborate.  I will build on the current collaboration with Warwickshire to work with other forces, to deliver operational and financial efficiencies.


I will work hard to ensure people feel safer in their local communities. For too long antisocial behaviour has blighted our town centres and urban streets, and rural villages have been blighted by speeding.

  • Community.  I will engage with all communities within West Mercia to ensure their views and priorities are at the heart of the policies of West Mercia Police.  As Commissioner, I will be accessible and available to the communities of West Mercia.
  • Neighbourhood.  I will work with the Chief Constable and our partners to give visible reassurance in our communities, including protecting neighbourhood policing.
  • Fair.  I will ensure Rural Issues are taken seriously, such as speeding in rural villages.
  • Law-abiding.  I will work with our partners to take back our streets for the law-abiding citizens.  I will provide resources and work with partners to tackle the causes of antisocial behaviour in our town centres and urban streets.
  • Volunteers.  I will work with the Chief Constable to increase the numbers of Special Constables through rethinking the way they are recruited and supported in their service.
  • Victims.  I pledge to redouble efforts to effectively support the victims of crime, keeping them safe and supported through the criminal justice system.

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