Congratulations to the following who have been chosen as Conservative candidates for the London Assembly top up list.

1. Kemi Badenoch
2. Andrew Boff
3. Shaun Bailey
4. Susan Hall
5. Amandeep Bhogal
6. Joanne Labane
7. Antonia Cox
8. Joy Morrissey
9. Timothy Barnes
10. Gregory Stafford
11. Kishan Devani
12. Jonathan Cope

So a diverse cast – for those who like to keep score of the ethnic and gender balance.

Kemi Badenoch and Andrew Boff are already on the London Assembly and can expect to remain there. Last time around we had three candidates elected from the list system, so it is likely that Shaun Bailey will join them. He is a former Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith and I’m sure he will make an excellent contribution to City Hall.

Might Susan Hall make it? You never know. Last time Labour won the Assembly election despite losing the Mayorlty so Conservative gains are possible. Will there be a Corbyn Labour collapse? Even if there is nationally will London be exempt? Then there is the question of which minor parties will make the five per cent threshold.

Also if the Conservatives gain constituency seats because we are doing so well then that might actually mean fewer List seats. I dislike this electoral system – but we have a strong team of candidates who will be powerful champions for Londoners from all walks of life.