There has been quite a bit of attention to Jeremy Corbyn having secured more endorsement from Constituency Labour Parties than his rivals for the Labour leadership. Another indicator – perhaps just as significant – is that he appears to be ahead in the endorsements from Labour councillors.

Last time round David Miliband was well ahead in councillor endorsements with over a thousand.

Mr Corbyn has secured the backing of the following 230 Labour councillors:

Councillor Margery Abbott, Cambridge
Councillor Abdifatah Aden, Brent
Councillor Dipu Ahad, Newcastle
Councillor Jim Ainslie, Hartlepool
Councillor Seyi Akiwowo, Newham
Councillor Danny Aldington, Nuneaton and Bedworth
Councillor Suzanne Armstrong, Hull
Councillor Elizabeth Atkins, Preston
Councillor Jane Avis, Croydon
Councillor Neil Baldwin Redcar & Cleveland
Councillor Steve Battlemuch, Nottingham
Councillor Tony Bavington, Barbergh District
Councillor Lorraine Beavers, Lancashire
Councillor Alice Bennett, Liverpool
Councillor Sharon Blank, Chesterfield
Councillor Jordan Blyth, Middlesbrough
Councillor Robert Boswell, Preston
Councillor Andy Botham, Derbyshire
Councillor Mick Bowman, Newcastle
Councillor Lesley Brennan, Dundee
Councillor James Broach, Hatfield West
Councillor John‐Paul Bromley, Warwick
Councillor John Brooks, Lichfield
Councillor Pamela Brooks-Osborne, North Tyneside
Councillor Matthew Brown, Preston
Councillor Tim Brown, Ashfield
Councillor Amanda Brown, Ashfield
Councillor John Browne, Preston
Councillor Steve Brunt, Chesterfield
Councillor Janet Burgess, Islington
Councillor Cheryl Butler, Ashfield
Councillor Paul Carey, Glasgow
Councillor Yvonne Cartey, Tameside
Councillor Lauren Cassidy, Halton
Councillor Jilani Chowdhury, Islington
Councillor Peter Clarke, Hull
Councillor Bob Clay, Swansea
Councillor Uta Clay, Swansea
Councillor Alan Clinch, North Lanarkshire
Councillor Kaya Comer-Schwartz, Islington
Councillor Rosalind Copeland, Sunderland
Councillor Richard Cotton, Camden
Councillor Van Coulter, Oxford
Councillor Jim Creamer, Notts County Council
Councillor Simon Cronin, Worcester
Councillor Peter Curling, Hillingdon
Councillor Claire Darke, Wolverhampton
Councillor Shelly Darwin, Ipswich
Councillor Nick Davies, Swansea
Councillor Wynn Davies, Greenwich
Councillor Don Davis, Ashfield
Councillor Daniel De’Ath, Cardiff
Councillor Theresa Debono, Islington
Councillor Alex DeWinter Blaby District Council
Councillor David Dodds, West Lothian
Councillor Catherine Donovan, Gateshead
Councillor Ryland Doyle, Swansea
Councillor Sue Duffy, Bradford
Councillor Richard Dunbar, Bradford
Councillor Alan Dutton, Stoke on Trent
Councillor Dawn Elliot, Broxtowe
Councillor Geoffrey Ellis, Lincolnshire
Councillor Sinead Engel, Bradford
Councillor Aysegul Erdogan, Islington
Councillor David Evans, Flintshire
Councillor Tom Evans, Blackburn
Councillor David Fagan, Airdrie South
Councillor Anis Faruki, Preston
Councillor John Ferguson, Salford
Councillor Pat Ferguson, Nottingham
Councillor Kat Fletcher, Islington
Councillor Darren Foley, Channock Chase
Councillor Dot Foster, Calderdale
Councillor Tina Funnell, York
Councillor Drew Gale, Preston
Councillor Troy Gallagher, Islington
Councillor Osh Gantly, Islington
Councillor Emma Gillan, Glasgow
Councillor Daniel Gillard, Manchester
Councillor Paul Gleeson, Boston
Councillor Brian Gordon, Dundee
Councillor Richard Greening, Islington
Councillor Alice Grice, Notts County Council
Councillor Joe Hale, Swansea
Councillor Mouna Hamitouche, Islington
Councillor Carl Handley, Lewisham
Councillor Andy Hannan, Devon
Councillor Kate Hannan, Exeter
Councillor Tracy Harvey, Middlesbrough
Councillor Gary Heather, Islington
Councillor Jack Hemingway, Wakefield
Councillor Juliana Heron, Sunderland
Councillor Julie Heselwood, Leeds
Councillor Maja Hilton, Lewisham
Councillor Andrew Hinchliff, Llanfairfechan
Councillor Ruth Hirschfield, Liverpool
Councillor John Hodges, East Sussex
Councillor Kate Hooker, Ashford
Councillor Rachel Hopkins, Luton
Councillor Harry Howard, Halton
Councillor James Hull, Preston
Councillor Emine Ibrahim, Haringey
Councillor John Illingworth, Leeds
Councillor Nicky Jerrome, Wokingham
Councillor Karen Jewitt, Croydon
Councillor Gary Johnston, Caerphilly
Councillor Iris Johnston, Thanet
Councillor Bert Jones, Redbridge
Councillor Jean-Roger Kaseki, Islington
Councillor Edward Kelly, High Peak
Councillor Nigel Knowles, Wyre Forest
Councillor Joyce Korczak-Fields, Hull
Councillor Mike Langley, Bristol
Councillor Trisha Lawton, Hartlepool
Councillor Sue Lent, Cardiff
Councillor Kate Lewis, Salford
Councillor James Leyshon, Lancaster
Councillor Michael Lilley, Colchester
Councillor Mary Lloyd, Southampton
Councillor Janet Looker, York
Councillor Steve Lydon, Gloucestershire
Councillor Keith Martin, South Ribble
Councillor Craig Martin, Weymouth & Portland
Councillor David Mayer, Newport
Councillor John McGhee, Northamptonshire
Councillor Paul McGlinchey, West Dunbartonshire
Councillor Annie McMahon, Rossendale
Councillor Pat Merrick, Chesire West & Chester
Councillor Allie Miles, Calderdale
Councillor Tom Miller, Brent
Councillor Roma Mills, St Albans
Councillor Lauren Mitchell, Ashfield
Councillor John Montgomerie, North Ayrshire
Councillor Angela Moohan, West Lothian
Councillor John Mooney, West Dunbartonshire
Councillor Keith Moore, East Riding
Councillor Lachlan Morrison, Ashfield
Councillor Keir Morrison, Ashfield
Councillor Graham Munn, Tunbridge Wells
Councillor Gordon Munro, Edinburgh
Councillor Joe Murphy, Salford
Councillor Chris Murphy, Stockport
Councillor Alan Napier, Durham
Councillor Tony Norbury, Wirral
Councillor Rachael O’Byrne, Liverpool
Councillor Una O’Halloran, Islington
Councillor Mick O’Sullivan, Islington
Councillor Stef Parkins, Warwick
Councillor John Paschoud, Lewisham
Councillor Keith Patience, Waveney
Councillor Sheila Peacock, Haringey
Councillor Ashley Pearce, Reading
Councillor Sue Pearson, Newcastle
Councillor Shaun Pender, Stoke on Trent
Councillor Rupert Perry, Islington
Councillor Gareth Phillips, Bridgend
Councillor Bob Piper, Sandwell
Councillor Andy Platt, Stoke on Trent
Councillor David Poyser, Islington
Councillor Susan Press, Calderdale
Councillor Richard Price, Maltby
Councillor Rodney Price, Selby District
Councillor Kevin Price, Cambridge
Councillor Mike Pringle, Nottinghamshire County Council
Councillor Alec Proffitt, Barrow in Furness
Councillor Shabana Qadir, Waltham Forest
Councillor Frank Radcliffe, North Hertfordshire
Councillor Habibur Rahman, Newcastle
Councillor Tony Randerson, North Yorkshire
Councillor Peter Rankin, Preston
Councillor Joe Rayment, Bath & North East Somerset
Councillor Kelly Ready, Wigan
Councillor Louise Reecejones, Wirral
Councillor Carl Richardson, Hartlepool
Councillor Kevin Ritchie, Leeds
Councillor Brian Roberts, Cheshire East
Councillor Roger Robinson, Camden
Councillor Christopher Robinson, Rotherham
Councillor Chris Robinson, Stoke on Trent
Councillor Andrew Roddison, Rotherham
Councillor Peter Rooney, Cheshire West and Chester
Councillor Ruth Rosenau, Stoke on Trent
Councillor Olivia Rowley, Wakefield
Councillor Dave Rowson, Manchester
Councillor Margot Russell, Midlothian
Councillor Lorna Russell, Camden
Councillor Naomi Rylatt, Bristol
Councillor Michelline Safi Ngongo, Islington
Councillor Rosmary Sales, Hackney
Councillor Gary Sanders, Blaby
Councillor Peter Sarris, Cambridge
Councillor Cathy Scott, Kirkllees
Councillor Kenny Selbie, Kirkcaldy Central
Councillor Nabil Shabbir, Peterborough
Councillor Asima Shaikh, Islington
Councillor Dave Shaw, Doncaster
Councillor Bill Shields, North Lanarkshire
Councillor Stephen Simkins, Wolverhampton
Councillor Chris Simmons, Hartlepool
Councillor Brian Smedley, Sedgemoor
Councillor Aidan Smith, Greenwich
Councillor Chris Spence, Silverdale Parish Council
Councillor Sally Spicer, Southampton
Councillor Andrew Spowart, Airdrie North
Councillor Chris Spriggs, Wirral
Councillor David Stockdale, Newcastle
Councillor Jane Streather, Newcastle
Councillor Neil Swannick, Manchester
Councillor Samuel Tarry, Barking & Dagenham
Councillor Sylvia Tempest, Hartlepool
Councillor Stephen Thomas, Hartlepool
Councillor Ross Thomas, Bridgend
Councillor Kieran Thorpe, Welwyn Hatfield
Councillor Michael Titherington, South Ribble
Councillor Nigel Todd, Newcastle
Councillor Frank Toner, West Lothian
Councillor Gregory Udeh, Merton
Councillor Ian Watkinson, South Ribble
Councillor Cathy Watson, Welwyn Hatfield
Councillor Gillian Watson, Cheshire West & Chester
Councillor Claudia Webbe, Islington
Councillor Debbie Wheeldon, Stoke on Trent
Councillor Michael Wheller, Weymouth & Portland
Councillor John Robert White, Barking & Dagenham
Councillor Adam White, Tameside
Councillor John Wilkinson, Nottinghamshire County Council
Councillor Darren Williams, Cardiff
Councillor Janette Williamson, Wirral
Councillor Paul Woodward, Reading
Councillor Norma Wright, Sunderland
Councillor Bill Wright, Blaby
Councillor Jonathan Wynne Evans, Cardiff
Councillor Dave Young, Calderdale

Of course it is easy to tease them. While displaying their opposition to austerity with their support for Mr Corbyn they have been voting through cuts in their own local authorities. Why have none of them opted for a referendum to test support for a huge Council Tax hike instead? Or refuse to set a budget and defy the “capitalist courts”.

By contrast Liz Kendall lists 150 backers among Labour councillors:

Abigail Jones Merton

Adam Harrison Camden

Adam Hurst Sheffield

Adam Swersky Harrow

Adegboyega Oluwole Barking and Dagenham

Ajay Maru Harrow

Alex Bigham Lambeth

Alex Norris Nottingham

Alex Ross-Shaw Bradford

Andre Bourne Lewisham

Andrew Lomas Kensington and Chelsea

Anne Joynes Watford

Annette Byrne Leicester

Arjun Mittra Barnet

Arooj Shah Oldham

Avis Murphy Chesterfield

Barbara Blake Haringey

Barry Kirby Gloucestershire

Bernard Collier Brent

Bill Freeman  Greenwich

Brendan Chilton Ashford

Caroline Cooper-Marbiah Merton

Cherry Parker Greenwich

Chris Taylor Darlington

Christopher Baron Ashfield

Christopher Hughes Barking and Dagenham

Clement Chunga Northampton

Clyde Loakes Waltham Forest

Craig Cheney Bristol

Damian Egan Lewisham

Dan Crawford Ealing

Dan Price Warrington

Danny Hackett Bexley

Dave Branwood Dudley

David Boothroyd Westminster

David Jones Bury

David Rose Stockton

Dawn Alfonso Leicester

Debbie Wilcox Newport

Don Navarro Nuneaton and Bedworth

Doug James Walsall

Douglas James Walsall

Edward Davie Lambeth

Elaine Norman Leyton and Wanstead

Fabian Breckels Bristol

Faraaz Shaukat Barking and Dagenham

Faruk Choudhury Barking and Dagenham

Florence Nosegbe Lambeth

Frank Cassidy Cumbria

George Cole Leicester

Graham Wright Knowsley

Harshad Bhavsar Leicester

Hemant Rae Bhatia Leicester

Howard Balkind Salford

Iain Simpson Lambeth

Jack Scott Sheffield

James George Monmouth

James Patterson Haringey

Jamie Milne Lewisham

Jane Edbrooke Lambeth

Janice Duffy Northampton

Jasbir Jaspal Wolverhampton

Jennifer Morgan Bleanau Gwent

Jenny Kay Islington

Jeremy Wolfson Liverpool

Jim Dickson Lambeth

Jim Fitzptarick Stalybridge and Hyde

Joe Goldberg Haringey

John Ferrett Portsmouth

John Howard Redbridge

John Kerr Mansfield

John Muldoon Lewisham

John Wentworth Croydon

Jon Taylor Plymouth

Jonathan Simpson Camden

Jonathan Slater Lewisham

Jonathon Hawkes Dartford

Josh Blacker Ealing

Joy Laguda Newham

Kaiser Rehman Oldham

Kashif Haroon Barking and Dagenham

Kate Crawford Ealing

Kevin Peel Manchester

Kiran Ramchandani Harrow

Laxmi Attawar Merton

Lee Clark Hastings

Lee Whitbread Southampton

Leon Spence Leicestershire

Lucy Chaplin Leicester

Mark Allison Merton

Martin Whelton Merton

Mary Curtin Merton

Matthew Bennett Lambeth

Maxi Marton Merton

Melvyn Worth Cumbria

Michael Borio Harrow

Michael Thompson Bromsgrove

Milkinder Jaspal Wolverhampton

Mohammed Jamil Peterborough

Moin Quadri Barking and Dagenham

Natasha Ahmed-Shaikh Ealing

Nick Crofts Liverpool

Nick Small Liverpool

Nick Thulbourn Peterborough

Nicola Heaton Nottingham

Niraj Dattani Harrow

Nitin Parekh Harrow

Olly Lewis Croydon

Olly Parker Islington

Patrick Davey Leeds

Patrick Hurley Liverpool

Paul Brant Liverpool

Paul Gatsby Lambeth

Paul Maslin Lewisham

Paul McGlone Lambeth

Paul Rowling Stockton

Paul Westley Leicester

Quintin Peppiatt Newham

Ray Catt Chesterfield

Rebecca Charlwood Leeds

Richard Johnson Cambridge

Richard Olszewski Camden

Richard Robinson Broxtowe

Rishi Madlani Camden

Ross Garrod Merton

Ross Willmott Leicester

Rowan Draper Stafford

Roy Emmett Redbridge

Sarah Russell Leicester

Seamus Williams Watford

Sean Harkin Barrow

Sean Newman Bexley

Sean Woodcock Cherwell

Siama Ashraf Barking and Dagenham

Stephen Cox Three Rivers

Stephen Ronchetti Gateshead

Stuart King Croydon

Suzie Perkins Chesterfield

Syed Ghani Barking and Dagenham

Terry Paul Newham

Theo Blackwell Camden

Tim Moore Liverpool

Tim Nicholls Islington

Tom Bewick Brighton

Tom Murphy Chesterfield

Vaila McClure Lambeth

Varinder Singh Bola Redbridge

Vi Dempster Leicester

Vijay Riyait Leicester

Wayne Lawlor Croydon

I counted 139 on Yvette Cooper’s list of backers:

James Adams – Glasgow City Council
Muhammed Afzal – Birmingham City Council
Syed Enam Ahammad – Barking and Dagenham Council
Uzma Ahmed – Birmingham City Council
Mohammed Aikhlaq – Birmingham City Council
Azhar Ali – Cabinet Member, Lancashire City Council
Mohammed Amran – Bradford Council
Gurdial Atwal – Birmingham City Council
Gurpal Atwal – Birmingham City Council
George Ayre – Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Caroline Badley – Birmingham City Council
Ralph Barker Barker – South Lanarkshire Council
Christopher Baron – Ashfield District Council
Sohail Bashir – Watford Borough Council
John Bayliss – Swansea City Council
Christine Bennett – Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council
Roger Berry – Worcester City Council
John Bevan – Caerphilly County Council
Judi Billing – North Hertfordshire District Council
Elaine Blezard – Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Peter Box – Leader, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Michael Burke – Newcastle City Council
Philip Brightmore – Wirral Borough Council
Moria Brown – Sedgmore District Council
Ryan Case – Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Daniel Chapman – Brighton and Hove City Council
Tristan Chatfield – Birmingham City Council
Adam Clarke – Assistant City Mayor, Leicester City Council
Virginia Cleaver – Leicester City Council
Jon Clempner – Leader, Harlow Council
John Clough – Ulverston Town Council
Jackie Connal – Watford Borough Council
Alex Crawford – Rushmoor Borough Council
Yvonne Crewe – Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Nosheen Dad – Birmingham City Council
Basharat Dad – Kirklees Metropolitan Council
Matthew Daniel – Wirral Borough Council
Mohammed Darwood – Leicester City Council
Len Davies – Allerdale Borough Council
Deborah Davies – Newport City Council
Angela Davies – Wirral Borough Council
Neil Dawson – Leeds City Council
Alex Diner – Islington Borough Council
Kevin Duffy – Hull City Council
Jayne Dunn – Cabinet Member, Sheffield City Council
Gwynfor Edwards – Bangor City Council
Jennifer Evans – Rushmoor Borough Council
Adam Farrell – Coleshill Town Council
Richard Ferris – Peterborough City Council
Julian Fulbrook – Cabinet Member, Camden Borough Council
Emma Garland – Newport City Council
Joy Garner – Stoke On Trent City Council
Martin Garner – Stoke On Trent City Council
Arthur Geary – North West Leicestershire Council
Preet Gill – Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Barrie Grunewald – Leader, St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council
Inderjit Gugnani Singh – Leicester City Council
Claire Hamilton – South Ribble Borough Council
Danny Hassell – Tower Hamlets Borough Council
Joanne Hepworth – Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Cindy Hinds – Flintshire County Council
Helen Hollis – Ashfield District Council
Adam Hug – Labour Group Leader, Westminster Council
Mahmood Hussain – Birmingham City Council
Mohammed Idrees – Birmingham City Council
Zafar Iqbal – Cabinet Member, Birmingham City Council
Ziaul Islam -Birmingham City Council
Yvonne Jardine – Swansea City Council
Adam Jogee – Haringey Borough Council
Chris Kennedy – Hackney Borough Council
Mariam Khan – Birmingham City Council
Ansar Ali Khan – Birmingham City Council
Elliot King – Swansea City Council
Mike Lerry – Labour Group Leader, Sedgemoore District Council
James Lewis – Deputy Leader, Leeds City Council
Keith Linnecor – Birmingham City Council
Adrian Lowe – Executive Membe, Chorley Borough Council
Tim Lunnon – Crawley Borough Council
Vijay Luthra – Southwark Borough Council
Pat McFall – Blackburn Council
Liz McShane – Haringey Borough Council
Kim McGuiness – Newcastle City Council
David Mellen – Nottingham City Council
Jewel Miah – Labour Group Leader – Charnwood Borough Council
Peter Mitchell – Liverpool City Council
Bernadette Mooney – Cabinet Member, Wirral Borough Council
Lyn Moore – Leicester City Council
Steve Munby – Cabinet Member, Liverpool City Council
Sheila Newman – Manchester City Council
Marlene Quinn -Cabinet Member, St Helens Borough Council
Lana Orr – Mayoral Lead, Liverpool City Council
John O’Shea – Birmingham City Council
Lian Pate – Burnley Borough Council
Matthew Patrick – Wirral Borough Council
Mark Pengelly – Corby Borough Council
Barry Phillipson – Newcastle City Council
Jonathan Pryor – Leeds City Council
Marie Pye – Waltham Forest Council
Jennifer Raynor – Cabinet Member, Swansea City Council
Leon Reefe – Labour Group Leader, Hertfordshire County Council
Lorna Reith – Haringey Council
Karen Rowling – Kirklees Metropolitan Council
Oliver Ryan – Tameside Borough Council
Alan Rhodes – Leader, Nottinghamshire County Council
Paul Sandars – Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Kath Scott – Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Rosalind Scott – Wivenhoe Town Council
Shafique Shah – Birmingham City Council
Les Shaw – Cabinet Member, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
John Shearman – Peterborough City Council
Mark Shurmer – Cabinet Member, Redditch Borough Council
Alice Smart – Leeds City Council
Zoe Smith – Northampton Borough Council
Robert Smith – Rhondda Cynon Taff
Emily Spurrell – Mayoral Lead, Liverpool City Council
Graham Stokes – Cabinet Member, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Danielle Stone – Northampton Borough Council
Sam Stopp – Brent Borough Council
June Tandy – Labour Group Leader, Warwickshire County Council
John Tanner – Oxfordshire City Council
Sharon Taylor- Leader, Stevenage Borough Council
Aminur Thalukdar – Leicester City Council
Alun Thomas – Leader, Neath Port Talbot County Council
Ben Thomas – Cardiff City Council
Phil Tye – Sunderland City Council
Graham Vickery – Worcestershire County Council
Christopher Vobe – Warrington Borough Council
Neil Walshaw – Leeds City Council
Alan Wassell – Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Andrew Western – Labour Group Leader, Trafford Borough Council
Brian White – Milton Keynes Council
Bill Williams – Southwark Borough Council
Paul Williams – Milton Keynes Council
Gerard Woodhouse – Mayoral Lead for Older People, Liverpool City Council
Jill Wright – Gosport Borough Council
Charles Wright – Haringey Borough Council
Jonas Yonga – Peterborough City Council
Julie Young – Labour Group Leader, Essex County Council
Tim Young – Labour Group Leader, Colchester Borough Council

I couldn’t find a list of councillors supporting Andy Burnham – although the Huffington Post claims there are “over 150”.

In any event the figures indicate the strength of the Corbyn campaign – and of the hard Left in Labour Groups in town halls across the country