Welcome aboard to Cllr Steve Hastings of Baffins Ward on Portsmouth City Council who has left UKIP to join the Conservatives.

There are now 18 Conservative councillors, 15 Liberal Democrat, four each for Labour and UKIP and an independent.

Cllr Hastings says:

“The best hope for a European referendum now lies with the Tories. I don’t want to be governed and controlled by Brussels. If the public vote yes, then I can go with it and support it, but until we’ve had the referendum I can’t run with that, I cant accept it.

“I feel strongly about protecting Britain’s borders and ensuring we have tighter border controls and lower managed levels of immigration.”

In 2011 Cllr Hastings had stood for the Conservatives in Chichester so he returns to the fold.

Will others follow? UKIP’s message was that the Conservatives could not be trusted to deliver an in/out referendum on the EU. It is now becoming quite obvious that the promise will be kept.


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