In recent days the Labour Party have made ambitious claims about the revival they would bring to housing supply in England. Others have expressed scepticism.

But we already have Labour’s record in Wales to guide us. As Aneurin Bevan said:

“Why look into the crystal ball when you can read the book?”

In Labour-run Wales, thanks to the red tape imposed by Labour, the cost of building a new home is up to £13,000 than building the same home in England.

Last year in England then was a ten per cent rise in the number of new homes built. It came to 137,000. Not enough, of course.

But Wales has been further behind. House building starts in England have risen by 40 per cent from 2009-10 to 2013-14, but only by a mere nine per cent in Wales. (See table 208).

Labour-run Wales has the lowest house building rate per capita of any of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom. (See page 14).

Last year the BBC reported:

“Red tape has been blamed for Wales being the only part of the UK to see a drop in new houses registered.

The overall UK figure increased by 28% to 133,670 in 2013 but Wales saw a 12% fall from 4,065 in 2012 to 3,577.

House builders blamed over-regulation in Wales, a poor planning system and the delayed implementation of the Help to Buy scheme for borrowers.”

There has been an attack on home ownership in Wales with the blocking of the right to buy. In England, the Government has increased Right to Buy discounts up to £75,000 (£100,000 in London), with new affordable homes being built to replace homes sold on a one-for-one basis. By contrast, in Wales, the discounts have been kept down at just up to £16,000, and thanks to legislative measures introduced by the Welsh Government in 2011, two councils have ‘suspended’ the Right to Buy completely. In January 2015, the Welsh Labour Government announced proposals to cut the maximum discount to just £8,000, followed by introducing legislation to abolish the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire across all of Wales.

The Welsh Government only in January 2014 belatedly introduced a version of the UK Government’s Help to Buy equity loans scheme.

Socialist politicians the desire to meddle and regulate irresistible thus getting in the way of wealth creation. Does anyone really believe this affliction applies any less to Ed Miliband than to Carwyn Jones, the Welsh First Minister? So why would Labour manage a better housing record in England than in Wales?